Chantal "Shorty" Savage has been a radio personality in the Midwest for the last 18 years. Discovering her passion for the business came easy with her love of music and the gift of gab. Born to Italian-American parents, finding her voice was something necessary for survival. At age nine, Chantal or "Shorty" as she would become known throughout the airwaves of morning radio, began a love for the business after recording her first radio commercial.

Shorty would come to know and marry fellow radio personality and member of Shorty and the Boyz, Mike Savage.

Shorty continues her career in radio, writes and voices advertising campaigns and is host of Shorty and the Boyz.

Mike Savage a longtime radio broadcaster, producer and music aficionado married Shorty in 2004.

In 2005 after serving eight years as Executive Producer and Booking Agent for the #1 rated syndicated morning show in Kansas City, Mike Savage left his job to join Shorty and the Boyz.

Mike has managed many artist in the entertainment industry including musicians, comedians and DJs.

In addition to co-host and Executive Producer for Shorty and the Boyz, Mike Savage is a professional audio engineer with skills in video production.

Cameron "DJ Cam" Morgan joined Shorty and the Boyz after graduating in 2007 from Kansas University, with a degree in media and communications. Cameron became the show's co-host and live on the street correspondent.

Cameron, known as "DJ Cam" throughout the club circuit, has hosted and performed at some of the largest venues in Kansas City, performing along side rapper Mims and D-12.

In 2010, Shorty and her Boyz took their vision to the Internet. continues to grow around the world and is committed to music and the use of entertainment technology.

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