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Jay-Z – Interview

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12/14/15 9:05 am


Shorty?’ You have GOT to be kidding me!!PS Travis, I need you to know that you took plecad in a battle of the bands today and you won. So I wanted to congratulate you! Yes I know you didn’t even know you were involved, but Haha. I was out by the pool listening to you with my iPod and enjoying some Jesus. A couple came out shortly thereafter and had their radio turned up so loud that I suppose they thought the rest of us around wanted to have a dance party with their selected tunes So I turned you up. (Still not loud enough). Turned the volume up some more (Still not enough). Turned it up some more (times 5 now). GOOD STUFF! Yes sir Travis Cottrell won the battle of the bands today in GA! Praise be to Jesus for loud iPod volumes!

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