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Beyonce’ – Interview

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12/14/15 8:48 am


Ok fine, but may I point out a few minor differences? We’re tailkng about the United States versus Iraq here. Iraq does not defeat the United States merely because the United States chooses to withdraw some troops and try other means of helping to get Iraq into some kind of decent shape. The people who will be emboldened by our defeat are not a nation poised to conquer us, they are a bunch of crazy insurgents who are also busily killing each other off. And while Al Qaeda is involved there, they are also in so many other places that killing some of them in Iraq doesn’t really weaken them at all.I may only have taken three college politics courses (counting Intro to Science, Technology, and Society, which was taught by a militant Marxist), but I know this much: Modern warfare is not twentieth-century warfare. In a time of accelerating change, history has an awfully hard time repeating itself.

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